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PVS Capital IRA Services has been instrumental in assisting numerous Americans in diversifying their IRA investments beyond the stock market. By offering opportunities in real estate, land, private notes, and more, PVS Capital IRA aims to enhance individuals' financial prospects.

The cornerstone of our company lies in educating both individual investors and professionals. We organize events in Southern California specifically tailored towards self-directed investing, and we also provide webinars to ensure accessibility for individuals regardless of their location.

As a third-party administrator, PVS Capital IRA is committed to providing comprehensive and accurate information on self-directed IRAs, enabling you to maximize your retirement funds. Our focus is not on promoting specific investments, but rather on equipping you with the knowledge, tools, and information necessary to make self-direction a seamless process. At PVS Capital, we prioritize facilitating a quick and easy start for you, and we remain dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.


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Recognizing the significant impact self-directed IRAs can have on retirees' quality of life, Hall is driven by her passion to educate Americans about this lesser-known investment vehicle. She has successfully educated tens-of-thousands of investors and professionals on how to build wealth by taking control of self-directed IRAs.

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We are dedicated to simplifying intricate concepts and assisting you in establishing financial goals and purpose for your money. Our aim is to incorporate peace of mind into your financial future.

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